Garage Door Repair: How to Repair These Issues

During its lifespan, your garage door will experience so many openings and closings, that it may quickly become unstable and deteriorated. Here comes the need for hiring a reputable technician to make the relevant repairs precisely and accurately.

 One of the most common issues your door will experience is simply the failure to open or close. There could be a few reasons for that problem. It can be something with its opener, dead batteries of the remote control, or dirty and clogged metal rollers. Also, when released, it could fall. In such a case, maybe the springs are worn out and they need an urgent replacement. It may sound weird, but your door may open on its own. Then, the extension springs are too tight, and they have to be replaced with more loose ones.

 Trust Garage Door Guys and More Inc for high-quality and effective garage door maintenance tips and repairs. If you live in Concord, NC, you can call us at (704) 785-9555.


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